VPS renting problem - infinite payment authentication on PayPal


As in the subject - I'm trying to rent a VPS to run some automation tests on my broker's demo account. When I go tot he payment, I'm picking PayPal, then e-mail and password, all gets accepted. When it's supposed to go to Paypal's page where I pick verification method, it gets stuck on infinite loading. I can actually see Paypal's page with the choice of verification methods under the semi-transparent loading screen, but that's it.

MT4s log is returning errors but they are not telling me much. Sentences are cut and don't make much sense anyway.

I am using MT4 version provided by my broker (Osprey). I tried to do it on vanilla MT4, but there is something wrong with logging in to the account - login seems successful, but account is inert (no balance on "trade" tab because no "trade" tab present at all, symbols list is empty). There is no option for VPS renting when right-clicking on the account. I think I will start a separate topic for this issue, but I'm mentioning it here just in case this could be related.

Anyway, besides apparent conflict with Paypal payments for VPS, broker's MT4 seems to be working normally, I managed to run some automation tests on my PC with this client.