Payment error on buying indicator


Tried to buy an indicator, got payment error.. 
I don't understand.. i added my credit card on paypal, and in that screen that you are about to confirm the purchase on Paypal, appear a final screen saying something "The paypal e-mail you provided isn't the same of your profile" something like that.. so i the purchase got this error... But i have been charged anyway... twice!

What should i do? Is there a official mql support about this? Some customer service? I can't find it
Sergey Golubev  

The users are usually buying anything from their MQL5 forum accounr/profile.
It means: deposit your fund to your MQL5 forum account/profile (yes, it takes some time for fund to be apprea on your forum profile),
and after that only - buy indicator (from your forum prifle directly from Metatrader).


But if you used paypal so the funds are going to the Market during the period from 1 day to several days.
Because is not not email-to-email, it is the bank-to-bank sending funds so wait for some days.
If the fund was charged twice after that so write to the service desk (look at "Contacts and requests" link at the bottom of this page, and use the following procedure about how to contact: post ).

But make sure that fund already came to MQL5 Market ... Because the fund may be under way to the Market and you can cancel it using your paypal.