Help needed grouping orders together when Spread Trading?

Does anyone know if there is any type of EA or Trade Manager that allows grouping of orders to see the individual Net P&L of multiple spread trades?   Because when trading one spread pair (two instruments) it's okay, but when trading multiple spread pairs it becomes impossible to tell what the net P&L is for each pair because it's all netted together.  Any help is appreciated.

hello tradeking

seems from what you are asking is that you need to group the tickets generated from the EURUSD pair and the tickets generated from GBPUSD and so on... and then sum up each of the instrument's profits ?

you can group the closed ticket's profits coming from each corresponding symbol and add them in an array or either create a variable and sum them up

let me know if this helps !

Yes that is what I was asking.  To be able to group any two instruments together and get the Net P&L for each.  Thank you for the info, but I am not a programmer.  I was wondering if there is an Expert Advisor that could do this?   Thanks again.