MQL5 VPS payment error


Hello Team

I am facing following issue while doing for payment for VPS , see attached file

Please let me know how to proceed, i am beginner here.

You already made the post about your issue (post ), and I replied about the general reasons concerning why it may be happened:

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VPS Payment Issue: I am unable to make a payment since 7.8.20

Sergey Golubev, 2023.08.13 05:42

The users are depositing the fund to their MQL5 forum profile/account, and after that only they pay for the services (for MQL5 VPS subscription for example). The payment may be done directly from Metatrader.
If something is wrong with this payment so it may be for the following reasons:

  • the fund is not enough in MQL5 forum account/profile;
  • you did not fill Community tab of Metatrader with your forum login and forum profile;
  • you did not connect Metatrader to your trading account which should be associated with MQL5 VPS subscription (because this subscription is per trading account);
  • any other reasons (for example - you are trying to subscribe to MQL5 VPS from the other external VPS, and more).

read this summary post with more details: post