Improvement Proposal 1


Reinstate a semi-affiliate program in the form of rating point rewards.

Each user has an id by default which they are shown.

If inbound traffic (1ip) to the site from that "id" results in a sale of a product or a signal within 24hours (any product or signal , not the one in the url) then attribute an amount of rating points to the user.

Users would be able to append the "id" in the urls that send traffic to

Why is it beneficial ? 

  1. You have a stable minimum price ($30) out of which you also extract a stable commission , so you can do the logistics for the rating points per sale easily
  2. Users can just append the id in whatever they promote that sends traffic here
  3. You don't have to reinstate the affiliate program 

Issues :

Spam on 3rd party sites 

Solution to deter that from the get go 

  1. minimum rating required to be eligible
  2. registered for at least 2 weeks
  3. only accept inbound "id"s from youtube for now in an "experimental" phase

Why youtube ? If i spam on youtube and the effort is minimal (the video creation effort not the spamming effort) ,the video will have no reach and there will be no reflected "low quality" to the vendors.If i also put effort on the video then the content improves so it's not spammy.

But what about youtube comment spammers ? Youtube hides links in comments by default so you can be certain 95% of traffic is from the creators description.

Extra benefit : you gauge the interest for affiliate solutions 

Unknowns : I don't know how the referer appears in the headers if someone clicks a link from within the youtube app (ios , android) (or if there is any such header) 


There was a post from MetaQuotes CEO some time ago about it (among other things).

We do not introduce affiliate systems either, as this will be a guaranteed scam and lead to epic spam.

Alain Verleyen #:

There was a post from MetaQuotes CEO some time ago about it (among other things).

Yeah spam . That's why the proposal is shaped this way with the initial stage to only allow youtube . To avoid spam.(you'd have to spam youtube first before you spam mql5 , but if you spam youtube the video is going nowhere)

The scam claim i don't understand .They probably cannot share what happened internally and abruptly stopped the program.(or refund claims from Paypal)

If it were the refunds then the rating points could be distributed after the payment clears.