Question for webmasters and online software sellers: How to automate selling for sold expert advisors ex4/ex5, personalized with license numbers


OK, so I have made myself an EA and am very proud of it. So proud that I'm thinking to sell it to others. But I want it to be used only by the customers, not to be shared online or re-sold for less. Therefore it has to be sold as ex5/ex5 (ie encrypted) and it must contain an input field where the customer will enter their name and/or address, otherwise the EA will not trade.

So far I can do all this manually, BUT... I'm looking to somehow automate the selling process. New to webmastering in general, I'd like to use WordPress/WooCommerce (although any other CMS is welcomed) because of its simplicity. The problem is that WooCommerce does not have the possibility to edit the .mq4 file and compile it as .ex4.

Ideally, this is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. customer makes a purchase on my site
  2. after payment, a magic script modifies a generic .mq4 and inserts into it the order number, or customer's email, or a random custom string - this will have an input in the settings, so the customer will have to enter it when attaching the EA to the chart
  3. finally, WooCommerce will generate the custom unique  download link for that unique customer

I'm stuck at the magic script now. 

If anyone is into selling EAs already, how do you (if possible) automate selling so that each customer gets a unique EA, and not something that can be shared with everyone on a torrent site, for example?


Gumroad API , or sell it on the market here . 

and if not selling here always compile with the cloud compiler 

Geo Dan: OK, so I have made myself an EA and am very proud of it. So proud that 

Then if you are so proud of it, use it—trade with it to make a profit.

And don't say you don't have the capital—that is what prop firms are for.

Trade with it and build up a reputations with it, so that when you do eventually sell it, you can show your signal to potential customers.

Then (and only then), sell it via this website's Market section.