How do I encrypt the core code of MQL5 to prevent team members from stealing the core code when I form a team ?


I know it is possible to generate Libraries from the code and then load it as ex5, similar to a dll.

For example:

#import ".... .ex5"



However, this way you can only introduce functions, but not classes. It is not very convenient, is there another way please?


My question is not how to encrypt the EA.

I am asking how I can keep them from stealing my code when I recruit programmers.

For example, I've written a lot of libraries and I don't want anyone else to copy them away.

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Put your type definitions in an include file.
William Roeder #:
Put your type definitions in an include file.

Can you give me an example of this?


The following article may be of help, specifically the section "2. Export of the Hidden Implementation of a Class"


Promote Your Development Projects Using EX5 Libraries

---, 2012.02.20 13:13

Hiding of the implementation details of classes/functions in an .ex5 file will enable you to share your know-how algorithms with other developers, set up common projects and promote them in the Web. And while the MetaQuotes team spares no effort to bring about the possibility of direct inheritance of ex5 library classes, we are going to implement it right now.