How to add Vertical Scroll from <Controls/Scrolls.mqh> to any AppDialog panel or Container


I already made an Indicator that shows Economical Events on chart as Labels. Now I want to show all those events on a AppDialog panel. Most of the times events list is long that overflow from the chart. So I need a vertical scroll on panel. Only ListView object has by default vertical scroll where item can be added as a string. But in events I've separate labels with different color. So ListView is not working for me. I added vertical scroll to the panel but it has no connection with anything. If somebody has any idea how to add functional vertical scroll bar to any panel or container like ListView. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks.

Sample Panel


There are a lot of articles about panels with a lot of features all with working code:!keyword=panel&module=mql5_module_articles

and in the CodeBase:!keyword=panel&module=mql5_module_codebase

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