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The Fourier transform introduced by Joseph Fourier is a means of deconstructing complex data wave points into simple constituent waves. This feature could be resourceful to traders and this article takes a look at that.

On compilation with the inbuilt RSI signal class and inbuilt fixed-margin money management, we do get these results for: EURJPY over the period: 2022.01.01 to 2023.01.01 on the timeframe: 4-hours. In running this test, we do not set profit targets nor use the default stop loss setting, therefore both inputs for these are zero. We want exits to be entirely determined by reversal of signal or triggering of the stop loss set by our trailing stop.


Author: Stephen Njuki


Hi Stephan,

It's a great article although I need to study it more in detail as I have not used Fourier Transforms for 60 years.  I'm surprised there have not been other comments.  Can you post the the expert mq5 source so the three options can be compiled into the expert and tested. 





Good article. Interesting idea. Sample mq5 code to test/try these options will be great. Thanks.



Experts used in articles are compiled via MQL5 wizard, so the rest of source code is already on your PC if you have metatrader. 


Hi Stephan

i left my most loved math part (Fourier) for 30 year. So it is impossible to comment but i read your wonderful ''exercise".

Sorry that i cant help u, but thank u for share it



Thanks for the reference, I will proceed to use it and let you know my results,



Hi Stephen,

very interesting article!

One hint to that: The parameters "Points" and "Epicycles" have to be deleted in the "Description of the class", they are not used in the code and the compiler complains after compiling the generated EA.

My Question: The EA is running smooth, but I can not reproduce your results in any way, maybe I did something wrong. Would you post the *.set file or even the EA source you generated?

Did you make a forward test?

Anyway it is a good lesson in using the FFT. Thank you!



it give me 12 errors