Problem to get my money back



I bought the Multi Anchored VWAP indicator via the website. But in my MT4 software there was no purchase tap (there was a download tap though) so I cancelled the purchase. After that I tried to buy the indicator directly via my MT4. That did work. I activated the indicator. But I thought that the payment was made from my MQl5 account. Instead it did make again a withdrawel from my credit card. I want to withdraw the amount from my MQl5 account now but that is not possible. I paid twice for 1 indicator . Can ananbody help me. There is no way I can contact customer/support service. There is only a chatbox.


If you cancel non-rent purchases made within 7 days so you will get automatic refund on your MQL5 forum account/profile (and it is the rule for everybody).
And as I understand - you were refunded one time, and after that - you paid.

So, you got your purchase, and you got the refund but on your MQL5 forum account/profile.


If you feel that you are having some "special situation with it" so write to the service desk asking them for advice
(look at "Contact and requests" link at the bottom of this page, and choose Account \ Ask a question, then describe your problem and it will create a ticket for you).

thanks Sergey