i tried half day....i cant solve this...please help


Hi Pros,

i confused at function - AdjustBuyProfit

its a grid trading system ,

i was thinking to find 3 profit trade that bigger than the biggest lost trade , close it together .

its was fine when number of trade it less , but when its many trade . 

it get confused.


Do you know that there are plenty of grid trading system available, running without any error: https://www.mql5.com/en/search#!keyword=grid%20ea&module=mql5_module_codebase

(until it will have ruined your account).

Take one of those and change it according to your ideas.

Lim Boon Keng: its a grid trading system ,

Hedging, grid trading, same as Martingale.
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Martingale, guaranteed to blow your account eventually. If your strategy is not profitable without, it is definitely not profitable with.
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Why it won't work:
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