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Can I change MT5 time zone ?

No, unless you change the broker.

But with these two articles you can manage easily different time zones:


Umgang mit Zeit (Teil 2): Die Funktionen
Umgang mit Zeit (Teil 2): Die Funktionen
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Automatische Ermittlung des Broker-Offsets und GMT. Anstatt den Support Ihres Brokers zu fragen, von dem Sie wahrscheinlich eine unzureichende Antwort erhalten werden (wer würde schon bereit sein, eine fehlende Stunde zu erklären), schauen wir einfach selbst, welchen Zeitstempel Ihr Broker den Kursen in den Wochen der Zeitumstellung geben — aber nicht umständlich von Hand, das lassen wir ein Programm machen, wozu haben wir ja schließlich einen PC.
Manish Sathe:
Can I change MT5 time zone ?

No. The time shown in charts are based on your broker server time zone.

Manish Sathe: Can I change MT5 time zone ?

There is no such thing. Chart times are broker times.

  1. How can MetaQuotes know all brokers' (they come and go daily) Time zone and Daylight savings time (if they use it and including historical changes for back testing)? Do you have that information for just you and your broker? Only then, with code, can you convert session times to broker's time to UTC to local time. You can use offset inputs, but then you must maintain them correctly, through all three DST changes when they occur.
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  2. Foreign Exchange (FX) market opens 5 PM New York (NY)/Eastern Time (ET) Sunday and ends 5 PM NY Friday. Some brokers start after (6 PM is common) and end before (up to 15 minutes) due to low volatility.
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    Swap is computed 5 PM ET. No swap if no open orders at that time.

  3. Brokers use a variety of time zones. Their local time, with or without Daylight Savings Time (DST), London, UTC, London+2, UTC+2, NY+7.

    Only with NY+7 does the broker's 00:00 equals 5 PM ET and the start of a daily bar (and H4) is the start of a new FX day.

    GMT/BST brokers, means there is a 1 or 2 hour D1/H4 bar on Sunday (depending on NY DST), and a short Friday bar. (Problems with indicators based off of bars.)

    GMT+2 is close but doesn't adjust for NY DST.

    EET is closer, except when their DST doesn't match NY's. Last Sunday of March and 1:00 on the last Sunday of October vs second Sunday in March and return at 2:00 AM EDT to 1:00 AM EST on the first Sunday in November.

  4. Non-NY+7, means the chart daily bar overlaps the start, and converting broker time to NY time requires broker to UTC to NY timezone conversions.

  5. If you search the web, you will find differing answers. Those are all wrong (half the year) because they do not take DST into account (or that it changed for the US in 2007 [important when testing history.])

  6. Then there are (non-24 hour markets) with H4 candles that start on odd hours.
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    And H1 on the half hour.

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