Specific bot strategy

I am looking for someone who can suggest me a bot that can work with the following strategy:
I would like to automate a specific strategy which is when the price of a trading pair reaches a certain price and then the trend turns down the bot to sell when the price is 2 or 3 pips below the high reached on a 15 minute scale, then when the price reaches a certain minimum and turns upwards, the bot will make 2 purchases when the price is 2 pips above the reached minimum, respectively, when it reaches a certain maximum again, it will make 2 repurchases, with one it will cover the price of the purchase, and with the other open a new position that will be covered when the price is down again, again I say this is a strategy for a 15 minute or at most one hour chart.
For example, let's say the price is currently 1.235 and we have a sell, and then the price drops to 1.220 and then goes up again, I want to make 2 purchases at the time the price is 1.222, if after that the price continues to go up and reach for example 1.241 and then start to fall I want to sell the moment it is 1.239
I need to be able to set how many pips if the price changes to buy or sell.
I really hope I've been able to explain what I'm looking for, if there's anything unclear or any questions I'm available. Thanks in advance!
Post your requirements as a job in the Freelance section please.