MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad update: Improved on-chart trading and analytical functions


A new version of the MetaTrader 5 mobile platform has become available in the App Store on March 6, 2023. The update provides a plethora of new features and improvements:

  1. Added ability to place stop and stop-limit orders from the chart.

    Only limit orders were available in earlier versions. Select the required type by successively pressing the button in the bottom chart panel.

    Place Stop and Stop Limit orders from the chart

  2. Added ability to access position closing or pending order deletion features from the chart. Select a position or an order level on the chart, and the relevant command will appear in the lower trading panel:

    Manage positions and orders from the chart

  3. Improved functionality which shifts the right border of the price chart. To change the shift, simply scroll the chart to the last price until a vertical separator appears. Next, drag the triangle at the bottom chart scale:

    Change the chart shift by dragging the triangle at the lower scale

  4. Added ability to copy analytical objects on the chart. This enables faster chart markup. Open the object menu with a long press and select "Copy":

    Create copies of analytic objects

  5. Added ability to manage the display of indicators on different timeframes. If the indicator is not suitable for certain chart periods, it can be hidden to free up space on the screen for other analytical tools.

    Manage the display of indicators on different timeframes

  6. Added display of symbol commissions in the instrument specification window.

    Find out the commission amount in the instrument specification

  7. Added password recovery link. An account password can only be restored via the relevant broker. The link shows the broker's contact details.

    Help with password recovery

  8. Added ability to share a link to an channel.

    Share a link to your channel through the app

  9. Improved user experience when connecting to an account with trading restrictions.

    Trading can be limited for various reasons: investor mode connection; a trading agreement has not been accepted; broker verification has not been completed and others. Previously, the reason for the unavailability of trading functions was not explained.

    Now, if trading is restricted, the order placing button in the Trade section will be grayed out. When pressed, it will show the relevant information and recommendations.

    Useful information when trading is restricted

  10. Improved workflow with SSL certificates which are used for advanced authentication.

    Now, when the user connects to an account with advanced authentication, the app will show a brief description of the required actions.

    Improved work with SSL certificates

    A certificate can be imported from a PFX file. Save the necessary file in the Files app and then use the import function in the start dialog.

    It has also become possible to import certificates to files, which enables the use of certificates on other devices. To do this, go to Settings \ Certificates and select "Export" in the certificate menu.

  11. Construction of price charts has been transferred to Metal, which is the latest-generation graphics API used in Apple devices. This significantly increases the chart, indicator and object rendering performance.
  12. Fixed substitution of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels in the Depth of Market. For FIFO accounts, stop levels will be automatically set in accordance with the stop levels of existing open positions for the same instrument. This process is required to comply with the FIFO rule.
  13. Fixed requoting. When a requote is returned, the user is given a short time to accept or to decline the new prices. If no action is taken within the required time frame, the request is automatically rejected and the requote window is automatically closed.
  14. Fixed display of time in the Chart section when using the dark interface theme.

Update your MetaTrader 5 application through the App Store and evaluate the new features.

Download MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad          Download MetaTrader 5 for iPhone/iPad

Fernando Carreiro  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

My MT5 chart on iphone has shrunk and moved to the left.

Ari X, 2023.03.09 10:42

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to MT5 and have only been using it for a few days. I opened the app this morning on my iphone and realized that the chart was no longer taking up the full screen but it has kind of shrunk to where it is only taking up 75% of the screen now. The right and bottom of the screen is blank.

I have attached 2 screenshots. The first is my mt5 screen and the second is my mt4. As you can see the mt4 chart takes up the whole screen but the mt5 chart doesn't anymore.

I want to have my mt5 screen looking like my mt4 screen.

Can someone who has dealt with this problem or knows how to deal with this offer some advice?

Thank you

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MT5 mobile app not displaying properly on ios.

u.ahmed, 2023.03.09 13:29

Since the recent update to MT5 on IOS, the chart does no display properly when on zoomed mode on the device settings. 
Is there a fix?
Alexey Petrov  
Fernando Carreiro #:

This has already been fixed, new version is under review and should be out soon

Alexey Petrov  
Lorentzos Roussos #:
#8 is you can share a chart to a channel ? 

No, one can copy a link to a channel and share it

Fernando Carreiro  
@Alexey Petrov #:This has already been fixed, new version is under review and should be out soon

Thank you for the update. Much appreciated.

Lorentzos Roussos  
Alexey Petrov #:

No, one can copy a link to a channel and share it

Share it where ?

Lorentzos Roussos  
Fernando Carreiro #:

On iOS, when you touch that symbol you see in the image in point 8 (the square with an upward arrow), it opens up a window where you can choose to share via eMail, Instagram, Telegram, Messenger, etc.

Ah . I see . Thank you Fernando 

What the "competition" would hate would be being able to "read" a screenshot and rebuild the indicators and objects (since the indicators selection is fixed and limited) ,and share that screenshot to be available for others to "import" (assuming the image was not corrupted much by compression and cropping).

Furthermore easily sending these "configs" between MT5 - Mql5Channels - MT5PC would be the next step 

Alexander Jeffrey Klein  

On my iPad I can longer open multiple charts in MT5, version 3907

On my android mobile I can, version 3905

Why is the feature missing?