Missing documentation - MetaTrader Module for Integration with Python


Hi everyone. Does anyone know what happened to the documentation for the "MetaTrader Module for Integration with Python"

I still managed to pip install the MetaTrader5 library in my Python environment but I wanted to find out if this library is safe to use as the documentation just went missing.

Does anyone know what type of connection it uses between Python and MQL5 and if it is fast enough to send information back and forth during live market conditions?

It used to be located on this link: 


There is also YouTube video illustrating how it can be used:



Connect Python to MetaTrader5
Connect Python to MetaTrader5
  • 2021.10.04
  • www.youtube.com
Hey everyone, in this video, we will look at the MetaTrader5 Python integration.00:00 Intro00:27 Imports01:09 Initialize MT5 01:46 Logging in02:30 Account In...