MQL5 Cloud Network bug

Christopher Steven Pinter  


I was using the MQL5 cloud network to do some testing and tuning of my Expert Advisor.   Everything was working fine and I had no issues when I had only one VPS.   Then when I was ready to turn on the software I created a new account and subscribed to a second VPS.   The reason why I needed to create two accounts is because I have two versions of the software and I want them isolated to help with money risk management .  I am forced to open a new account in order to have 2 VPS running . 

So I have two Expert Advisors working, one on each account with has one VPS each.  These are working well. 

However, I am still building new code and I want to use the MQL5 cloud network.  I have a balance of $103 us on my MQL5 account.  But when I attempt to turn on the MQL5 cloud network I get an error that states the account does not have enough money.

I also a number of agents listed on the MQL5 system, which allows my computer to be part of the network.  This connection has turned off. 

And I have a third account which that does not have a VPS subscription.    If I could specifically assign the balance available to this specific account I would but there is no feature on your website that allows me to do this. 

I have tried logging into all three accounts to access the MQL5 cloud network but I get the same error for each. 


This problem only came up once I opened many accounts.

How can I use the MQL Cloud network and the  run many VPS services at the same time?

I think there is a bug in your system...or I am still just a inexperienced newby.   :)

Any help would be great.


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Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
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Alain Verleyen  

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