VPS Service


Good day,

I have been using VPS service to use signals for copy trading. I just purchased an EA, do I need to rent VPS again or no. Are there something about VPS I need to change or it works the same as using signals for copy trading?

MQL5 VPS is per trading account.
It means: you can use this VPS for copy trading or to trade by EA.

In case of EA: you need to open the chart(s) with EA(s) attached in your home computer, and provide synchronization/migration with VPS so
your VPS will use EA instead of copy trading (because it is not recommended to use copy trading and traded by EA on the same account on the same time).

But please note that dll is probidited in MQL5 VPS so your EA will not work on VPS in case EA is using or trying to use any dll.
When compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting provides more dependability and stability. In most circumstances, a single node hosts only a few servers. This contributes to performance and uptime.