I want to rent VPS for my own strategy. I do not want to use the strategy that is available here. Is it posibile? And if yes pls explain how to do it.

thank you


You can check this part of mql5 portal: https://www.mql5.com/en/vps (incl some links on the left side for navigation).

Also please note that this MQL5 VPS is for autotrading by the EA(s) and/or using it for subscription to trading signals, and there are some limitations related to something (dll is prohibited, and some more) so read the Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service.

There is free testing period so you can test something for some limited period of time just to decide - read post for more details.
And there is some short explanation about this MQL5 VPS incl some particularities: post

Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service
Rules of Using the Virtual Hosting Service
  • www.mql5.com
The page contains the rules of using the Virtual Hosting service (Virtual Hosting Cloud): general provisions, virtual hosting rental conditions, payment terms, as well as violations entailing termination of service.