Unsatisfactory experience with Freelance section

Hello friends. I wanted to ask your opinion about something that has happened to me in the freelance section, and that I have been noticing for a while.

A few days ago I asked for a job in the freelance section. The run date was 1 day, and the developer claimed to be fully ready to go immediately. I sent him to selected, I sent him the technical task, and he started working (or so he said, although he did not accept the technical task). I have been noticing that this happens more and more: they do not accept the technical task, although they start working on the project.

After several messages, this freelancer didn't reply anymore. Although I was getting frustrated that I had tripled the delivery date, and more than 24 hours had passed since my last message without receiving a response, I decided to give a margin of time.

Now, after feeling cheated, I have decided to reject this freelancer, I did not know that it was possible after I sent the technical task. Is there a problem with it? I suppose that if the page allows it, there is no problem.

But beyond complying with the mql5 rules, I wanted to know what you thought about me canceling the project, and what you think of this practice of not accepting the technical task (I suppose to be able to accept more jobs, or to not commit if they finally don't know or can't finish the job).

Thanks for your messages!


I think that if you have been fair and allowed additional time and the developer stops responding you can de-select this person and select another with a clear conscience.

Anyway, the developer cannot complain if they have not accepted the job. I think that many do this either because they are not sure that they are competent enough to complete the project or they want to keep their average times low.