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How to estimate application development cost

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gil726 2015.04.26 06:19 

Hi There,

Am new to this forum and I am interested to source custom development for for application / panel.

This is not an automated EA but trade management application (like a variation of mini terminal by FXBlue). To be used for discretionary trading.

I have no idea how to estimate the cost and I understand that when I ask for offers I need to indicate the estimated dev cost.

Any ideas how to get started are welcomed :) 

Trinh Dat
Trinh Dat 2015.04.26 07:23  


What is requirements ? details and clearly.

gil726 2015.04.26 13:14  

In high level this is an application or panel attached to each instrument being traded. currency and possibly indices that are offered by the broker.

This panel should provide the following information and allow to perform the following actions:


  • details on all long / short position. including summary of value and summary of lots open.

  • Trade size. e.g. for specific pip target and $ value --> trade size to be taken. this is same as you can do today in mini terminal by Fxblue.

  • set same TP/SL to all Long or all Short position.
  • Open trades from the panel (using the trade size calculation). 
  • Set magic # to trade
  • close all long / shot 
Have not finalize the details but hopefully this should give a rough idea of the scope. Thanks  

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