Need your Kind support regarding placement of EA when have to put same setting same pairs in other broker & terminal please

Hello Experts,

I've a question if any body can help me it will be kind of you,

I have 3 different broker with 3 different terminal what I want is, I am using EA on terminal-1 & attach the EA on suppose EURUSD & GBPUSD I want  It also place on broker2 Terminal 2 & Broker3 Terminal 3 according to same setting I put in Broker1 terminal1 & on Same pair.
if may auto place or I copy paste the configuration in others broker terminal MT5

Your kind support will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


1 terminal per 1 account (no matter which broker) cannot be changed.

But I use Link Shell Extension to create links to share various source folder across several installations of mt5.

But one can create those links even with Windows.