Can you explain to me why before in MQL4 they used the term g_ibuf

double g_ibuf_104[];
Juan Mateo:
double g_ibuf_104[];

Nobody used that.
When you see something like that it means that the ex4 file has been decompiled.

Do not post decompiled code or you will likely be banned.


Ask the real owner of the source code to give it to you or have him fix it for you.

Decompiled code is stolen code. Either you are a thief, a fence, or the receiver of stolen (intellectual) property. Either way, we will not be an accomplice after the fact to that theft.

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If you post decompiled code again, you will likely be banned.

Don't tell us you found it on the 'net: if someone stole your bank details and uploaded them on to the internet, is it OK for everyone to use them because “someone uploaded it, I don't know why I can't use that?”