Disable Hedging in MT5?


How is position mode vs hedging mode controlled in MT5? is this something the broker decides?

I have an MT4 EA I wanted to port over to MT5 to take advantage of position mode (where only one position per symbol can be open at a time) but I am unsure how to enable position mode (i.e. disable hedging mode)

Only your broker can change it.
for sure?

here is an explaination:

MetaTrader 5 features hedging position accounting system
MetaTrader 5 features hedging position accounting system
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In order to expand possibilities of retail Forex traders, we have added the second accounting system — hedging. Now, it is possible to have multiple positions per symbol, including oppositely directed ones. This paves the way to implementing trading strategies based on the so-called "locking" — if the price moves against a trader, they can open a position in the opposite direction.