Manual Backtesting in Strategy Tester

Hi, I am desperate in finding a good trading panel or something to backtest my manual trading.

I know tradingview but backtesting there, even with bar replay, is to far away from reality in my opinion.

Do you know any solution? Thank you very much

Kindly regards.
Sophisticated manual backtesting software that collects data about your trading behaviour (metadata prediction) in order to evaluate the feasibility of your strategy usually costs a ton of money, which is why only institutional clients have access to it. On top of that, a lot of it has to be custom-tailored which further increases the price to astronomical levels. Some data scientists offer Python coded software that lets you run a strategy through it (of course you need to feed in the tick data all by yourself which is not really convenient) and "backtest" it that way, but the results are not really reliable, especially when its freeware.
Search for "trading panel tester" and try ...