Which account currency to use



I am new to forex trading, and I simply cannot figure out the answer to the following question.

If I want to trade some currency pair, for example, EURUSD, what should my account currency be?

I see that it is possible to trade currency pair even having an account in a totally different currency, but what is the best choice? And why?

(Thanks a lot for answering this stupid question)


If you trade a pair you enter a risky situation about these two currencies.

If you open a broker account you enter a risky situation about this currency and the one you pay your life. It is an additional speculation and an additional risk.

I see that you are from USA, 
Use US Dollar to open account, 
Opening account with another currency will lose you some amount while depositing your USDs and withdrawing them as you are changing the currency with the broker rate which might be high exchange rate.