How can one hide balance/equity/margin row in MT5 toolbox bar

Hi!I am a relative newbie using MT5.

I wanted to know how (ie if its possible) to hide the balance/equity/margin row in MT5 toolbox bar as I want it to remain private for me so that when I am trading other people passing next to my trading desk cannot see my total account balance.I hope I should be able to easily hide it and unhide it when I want to check my actual balances when I want to.I have attached a sample screenshot of the row I am talking of from a demo account so that you understand what I mean.

Please help.

Cntrl+t or
Carl Schreiber #:
Cntrl+t or
Thanks for your reply.However pressing the X or Ctrl+t hides the whole toolbox bar.I wanted to hide just the row that has balances but still keep viewing the trades/orders I have placed.