MT5, how to scroll up and down ?



As you can see on the screenshot below, I would like to scroll up on the chart in order to use the measuring tool to measure the amount of pips up to a specific (higher) level:

But I cannot find how to do this, any idea ?

Thank you

Move your mouse over the price scale press and hold the left button and move your mouse up and down and see what happens.
  1. Dragging the price scale compresses the vertical, as Carl mentions.
  2. Otherwise, turning off the auto-scale, allows you to drag the chart up and down without changing the scale.
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      Turn off autoscaling and drag the vertical scale or the chart. (Remember to turn is back on before minimizing the chart on MT4, or you will have to use F8; don't know about MT5.)

    2. Turn off auto-scaling: uncheck Chart Right-click → Properties (F8) → Common → Scale Fix and you can drag the price scale to show less.
                how do i delete an erroneus bar - MQL5 programming forum (2020)

Thanks for your answers !