Martingale MA


Hi guys

So what I initially wanted was for this EA to open trades on a moving average cross and use the martingale method but it does not seem to be working for the way I wanted it to. I am a beginner at coding mql4 coding so wanted to see if anyone could assist.


There are more than 1000 examples of martingales in the (free) code base - you just have to search for it:!keyword=martingal&module=mql5_module_codebase.

Sort for date and start with the oldest (bigger chance for MT4)


Hedging, grid trading, same as Martingale.
          Martingale, Hedging and Grid : MHG - General - MQL5 programming forum (2016)

Martingale, guaranteed to blow your account eventually. If your strategy is not profitable without, it is definitely not profitable with.
          Martingale vs. Non Martingale (Simplified RoR vs Profit and the Illusions) - MQL5 programming forum (2015)

Why it won't work:
          Calculate Loss from Lot Pips - MQL5 programming forum (2017)
          THIS Trading Strategy is a LIE... I took 100,000 TRADES with the Martingale Strategy - YouTube (2020)

Thanks guys will do some more research and check the links provided