Backtest advice from experts inquiry


Hi Experts,

My Strategy focus only High Volatility time. For the past 2 months I had go through trial and error and manage to create 4 EA that have good performance. 2 of them is currently forward tested 1 month and still have good performance.
My concern is that all of them is only backtested from 2018 to 2022(July). My current intuition from observation is that current market condition(Volatility ,Spreads) is similar only to the recent years.
Therefore, the longer we look in the past the more irrelevant to current year market condition. The big question, what is the thing I am not considering? Perhaps excellent trader have good insights to share.


I won't look for a test period 'as long as possible' but I search for specific market behaviours like a longer flat period or several heavy trend reversals.

Try to think what will crash your trading idea and then look for such markets and check your EA in these situations.

Thanks! This surprisingly helped me