MT5 Showing Large Gap (~6 Months) In Charts / Missing Candlesticks When Switching Timeframes


Hello Friends,

I am having an intermittent issue with my MT5. This issue randomly occurs and fixes itself  when I either close and restart MT5 or when I flip through different time frames on MT5. The specific issue is that my charts will be missing the first half of data for the year 2022. I will have candle sticks up until Dec 31 2021. Then the next candle will start from the end of July 2022. What happened to the Jan-Jul data? This issue only occurs sometimes, so sometimes I will have all of the data which covers the entire date range, and sometimes I will have the issue of missing the ~6 months worth of data. The issue appears to occur when I switch time frames.

I've included pictures in this post; I hope this illustrates the problem better. Sometimes I open up MT5 and everything works fine, and sometimes I'll open it and it will work fine for a little bit and then when I start flipping through different time frames, the issue will occur. Usually if I close MT5 and restart MT5 and flip through some time frames a few more times, the issue will resolve itself but not always. Other times, I will jump to a time frame and it will show all of the data for a split second before refreshing and showing a broken chart with missing candlesticks. This issue occurs on all of the symbols.

I've tried reinstalling MT5 and I have tried deleting all of the .hcc files in the history folder of the data folder.

Can anyone offer any solutions? Pictures are attached to illustrate the issue.

Fixed Chart:

Fixed Chart

Broken Chart:

Broken Chart

Thanks in advance for your help!


Just tried updating the MT5 that problem did not get fixed.

Nobody else has this issue?

Sergey Golubev  
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Just tried updating the MT5 that problem did not get fixed.

Nobody else has this issue?

What is your MT5 build?
This is my MT5 -

Besides, you can open demo account with the other (any other as there are many MT5 brokers) directly from mt5 (it is 10 seconds to open demo account directly from Metatrader) to check the data. Because the data on the chart is related to the broker.