Having backtesting problems with my EA

William Roeder  
  1. Check your return codes, and report your errors (including market prices and your variables). Don't look at GLE/LE unless you have an error. Don't just silence the compiler (MT5/MT4+strict), it is trying to help you.
              What are Function return values ? How do I use them ? - MQL4 programming forum (2012)
              Common Errors in MQL4 Programs and How to Avoid Them - MQL4 Articles (2014)

    1. Floating point has a infinite number of decimals, it's your not understanding floating point and that some numbers can't be represented exactly. (like 1/10.)
                Double-precision floating-point format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      See also The == operand. - MQL4 programming forum (2013)

    2. Print out your values to the precision you want with DoubleToString - Conversion Functions - MQL4 Reference.

    3. SL/TP (stops) need to be normalized to tick size (not Point) — code fails on non-currencies.
                On 5Digit Broker Stops are only allowed to be placed on full pip values. How to find out in mql? - MQL4 programming forum (2011)

      And abide by the limits Requirements and Limitations in Making Trades - Appendixes - MQL4 Tutorial and that requires understanding floating point equality Can price != price ? - MQL4 programming forum (2012)

    4. Open price for pending orders need to be adjusted. On Currencies, Point == TickSize, so you will get the same answer, but it won't work on non-currencies. So do it right.
                Trailing Bar Entry EA - MQL4 programming forum (2013)
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    5. Lot size must also be adjusted to a multiple of LotStep and check against min and max. If that is not a power of 1/10 then NormalizeDouble is wrong. Do it right.
                (MT4 2013)) (MT5 2022))

    6. MathRound() and NormalizeDouble() are rounding in a different way. Make it explicit.
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    7. Prices you get from the terminal are already correct (normalized).

    8. PIP, Point, or Tick are all different in general.
                What is a TICK? - MQL4 programming forum (2014)

Keith Watford  
Ammar Yaseen:

Can anyone please guide my EA is giving me problems with backtesting.


If you want to discuss your EA in the forum, you must also attach the source code for the EA.

Ammar Yaseen  
Keith Watford #:

If you want to discuss your EA in the forum, you must also attach the source code for the EA.

I have not shared my EA name in any of the picture as well. I still am trying to figure out the answer