metatrader 5 fill policy

Dominik Egert  
There are more options available in MT5, because MT5 supports more asset classes and therefore different specifications.

Take a close look at what type of execution the broker is offering for the symbol you want to operate on.

Based on this, you will have different types of filling modes available, depending on the execution type offered.

Not all filling modes are available to all execution types.

Execution type depends on the asset class and it's underlying product, and therefore the specifications given. Also the place of execution if your order, the exchange, is relevant.

A stock is traded at a certain exchange, your broker has a connection with, if not using a self made product, like a CFD. Depending on this exchange, the execution policy is handed towards you as a consumer. And therefore you are bound to the available filling types, supported by the exchanges execution policy.

Next, you may select from the available filling options, the type of filling you would want, and this can be depending on your strategy.

So, you are given the option to select, if it is supported.