MT5 Indicators Installment on MacBook Air


Hi everyone,

After several failed attempts i'm asking it here.

I want to install several indicators into MT5. I trade from a MacBook Air. There is no way I can install the indicators it seems. When I open the Data Folder and get into the MQL5 folder, I cant paste or drag the required files into the map (see attachment below), which is very frustrating. 

Anyone who managed to install indicators on a MacBook? If so, how? 

Kind regards and a good weekend,

Sander Brouwer

Carl Schreiber #:
Indicators (not from the market) just have to be copied into MQL5\Indicators. The mq5 files (source code) have to be compiled firstly (MQ-Editor). Then they appear (after a refresh) in the Navigator of the Terminal.
Thanks for the answer. The problem is that i can't copy the indicator in the map. The compile works though...