Anyone know of an EA/robot that can trade this "buy zone" indicator?

Sorry if this has already been asked or is obvious...
I have been searching this site for the past week or so with no luck. 

I have found a strategy created by "the rumpled one" on kreslik and youtube called "the buy zone". It's very simple so i would like to eith code or buy an EA robot to take these trades automatically. 

Basically i want the robot to trade:
One trade per hour from 0800 bst to 1700
At the start of each hour that is the hourly open
If price moves up 3 pips place buy order and TP at 10pips
If price moves down 3 pips place sell order and TP 10pips
SL for both is 7

Feel like someone has bound to have seen one like this? Before i go off and try to code it from scratch. 
Thanks in advance 


Okay I'll break it down for what you got to do to implement something like this,

I'll structure it below.

1. One trade per hour from a specific time interval: 

For the time interval, use a enum for trading between intervals. There are many codes that have this feature. For trading only once per hour, you have to count the number of bars per hour and 

then limit the activity to only set a position on the start of the hour. 

2. Creating a deviation for this you must have the correct count per hour because it would need to reset. Then apply another function to commandeer the price. I'll give you a small example but this

is not the full code, there are missing functions. 

To be honest, and I will be very honest here, this doesn't sound like this EA is optimized fully to enable an edge onto the market. Some advice, learn functional coding with C++ and how to integrate it onto the

ontick function using mql code.

void OnTick()
double tot = OrdersTotal();

if(TradingAllowed() == true)
if(tot < 1)
if(count() < 2
        && Close[0] > 30*_Point){

The count is the number of candles there are in an hour. 
The other feature is a small deviation of the current price moving above 3 pips.