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keep losing profit

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20197431 Edmunds
20197431 Edmunds 2015.03.11 13:06 

can someone help me regarding placing a Market Execution.

I place a order priced at 121.565 and set the T/P at 121.335, there's no S/L set .

For some unknown reason I keep losing and my profit which shows a loss of -37.45.

 I have no problem in my demo account .

Can anybody advise me what I am doing wrong

Pankaj D Costa
Pankaj D Costa 2015.03.11 13:37  
See your free margin, I think this order closed due to call stop, its can be happened for margin call. 
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2015.03.11 19:54  

1. What percentage of the account balance are you trading with?

2. What is your leverage level?

3. Do you have any  money management EA attached to your chart.?

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