Validation error when releasing the trading robot to the market. - page 10

Alexandr Plys  
Volodymyr Zubov:

During automatic validation in the Market the financial results do not matter, the check goes on possible errors under different conditions of the trading environment, different deposits, different timeframes and trading instruments. Testing should be performed in all possible conditions without errors, restrictions on pairs and timeframes cannot be set. In the description specify the recommended trading tools and timeframes.

Thank you for your reply, Vladimir!
Volodymyr Zubov  
Alexandr Plys:

When I checked it, I got this error:

test on EURUSD,H1 (hedging) 2019.04.01 14:19:33 failed sell limit 0.04 EURUSD at 1.12446 sl: 1.12596 tp: 1.12296 [Invalid volume]

I do not understand why?
Here is volume=0.04
What is wrong with it?

Check for the smallest possible lot. It may be 0.1.