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Indicators: TrendSignal Pro

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Automated-Trading 2015.01.19 10:58 

TrendSignal Pro:

Trend Signal Pro is the advanced & latest version of Trend Signal Indicator.

We have worked on it and made it more accurate. It doesn't repaints. Also it works well with all the currency pairs.

It is very easy to use. It also works well with a template of few indicators below:

TrendSignal Pro indicator MetaTrader 4

Author: malharonaldo

david mackay
david mackay 2015.04.24 02:44  
The indicator attached is for MT4
Mohamed Basha
Mohamed Basha 2016.11.14 11:30  
Is there a way to make the code trigger the alert only at the begining of the next candle after the signal is confirmed?
Patrici0 2017.03.21 22:50  
Grats. Works fine for me. I have the MT4. Could be usefull for pricetraders. Would be superb if there would be a version which shows the trend of all the TF a once. Something like the ADX_MTF. 
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