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Experts: Hybrid Scalper

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Automated-Trading 2015.01.19 09:47 

Hybrid Scalper:

Hybrid Scalper is the Expert Advisor based on many indicators.


Buy/Sell will be executed depending on Stochastic trend direction and RSI.

Loss orders will be closed depending on RSI, profitable Orders will always survive (the SL/TP is modified).

Hybrid Scalper Expert Advisor MetaTrader 4

Author: Rodolphe Ahmad

Rodolphe Ahmad
Rodolphe Ahmad 2015.01.19 11:29  

Hello guys

 you can also skip trend check for buy / sell signal  only by removing this  2  codes                    &&trenddirection()==true    && trenddirection()==false                  and compiling the code again * NB trend check is about 2 moving average one with period 21 and the other with period 89

Rodolphe Ahmad
Rodolphe Ahmad 2015.01.20 11:45  

you can also Remove && Period() == 1 , if you want expert to work on any timeFrame , but recomended one is m1

 extern int Rsilevel = 7; //RSI level  ,  I don't know if it's the best RSI period or not .>>> 

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