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Examples: Alert and Comment for External Indicators

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New article Alert and Comment for External Indicators has been published:

In practical work a trader can face the following situation: it is necessary to get "alert" or a text message on a display (in a chart window) indicating about an appeared signal of an indicator. The article contains an example of displaying information about graphical objects created by an external indicator.

Possibilities of the MQL4 programming language do not include the extended usage of indicator buffers, for example extending them by adding comment or alert showing, which could be an advantage simplifying the creation of a program code. On the other hand, MQL4 allows reading the location of any objects and getting their full characteristics.

In this article I would like to show the method of getting data on a signal of an indicator attached to a chart and show its comment, alert or creating a global variable for further use for informational purposes, for example for passing it to an Expert Advisor.

All marks drawn on a chart use Wingdings and arrow codes. That is why it is not difficult to get information about a mark drawn on a chart. By the way, if an indicator author includes quite an informative description of the OBJ_ARROW object, a user can easily identify a signal. An example is the description of marks given by creators of classic Japanese candlesticks. In the standard performance of his indicator a user needs only to put the mouse cursor over the mark for getting a pop-up help with a corresponding text.

Author: Vladimir


Thank you for your excellent article on Alert and Comment for External Indicators.

I have made use of this code many times and with great reliability until  recently.

I found that the code i was using did not use graphical objects for the arrow signals on charts, but instead used the DRAW ARROW command as part of a line index style attached to a buffer.

The arrow on my charts does not appear in the list of objects so i am at a loss as to how to make use of your alert code.

is there a way around this problem.

Apologies in advance if i have not explained myself clearly, I am not a coder but have managed to fumble through on other peoples knowledge so far.

Many thanks

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