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Examples: Visual Testing of the Profitability of Indicators and Alerts

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2009.02.16 10:11 

New article Visual Testing of the Profitability of Indicators and Alerts has been published:

What indicator of trading alerts or just the methods of their calculating to use is usually decided when testing EAs using these alerts. However, it is not always possible/necessary/reasonable to write an EA for each indicator. You can promptly calculate the profitability of trading on the alerts from other indicators, using a special indicator that collects their alerts itself and draws a picture of ideal trading with them. It can help you both make a visual estimate of the results obtained and quickly choose most optimal parameters.

Remember how many times, looking at a randomly found or long time searched for and finally found indicator, you wanted to know immediately what the result of trading by its alerts would be. The same situation occurs when you are offered a new trading system for which there are no EAs or indicators yet. Before starting a serious work and writing a working EA, you would like to estimate whether there is a healthy grain in the materials on offer.

Or you can have the following situation: There is an indicator with good alerts, but you are having a gut feeling that its parameters are not optimal, that you can clear it up, and you even know how you can do that. How can you test your idea quickly without being locked into a long and complicated coding?

Author: Sergey Kravchuk

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2009.02.18 03:40  

thanks for the article but still not sure how to program still .. could you do me a favour of writing an alert indicator combining two charts like CCI (14, 6) and stochastic oscillator together so that when the signals and the bases are crossed, they give signal of sound ???

thanks :D

Sezor 2009.02.19 11:45  
Thanks for this marvellous article.
It solves a problem I've been working at, with only partial success.
One question - which part(s) of the code need changing if one uses a different indicator?

This obviously does:

// find the first point and save its location and price
for(i1=Bars-1;i1>=0;i1--) { P1=iCustom(NULL,0,"ZigZag",0,i1); if(P1!=0) break; }
// process the ZigZag points
// find the next point and save its location and price
for(i2=i2;i2>=0;i2--) { P2=iCustom(NULL,0,"ZigZag",0,i2); if(P2!=0) break; }

if(i2<0) break; // place the last point on the current price

// the opening conditions are at the same time the conditions of closing an opposite order
if(P1>P2) { sSell[i1]=1; sBuy[i2]=1; sCloseSell[i2]=1; }
if(P1<P2) { sBuy[i1]=1; sSell[i2]=1; sCloseBuy[i2]=1; }

P1=P2; i1=i2; // save the bar in which the point has been found
} // for(i2

Is that all?


arachnode dot net
arachnode dot net 2009.05.22 17:21  

Sergey -

This tool is by far the best tool EVER for evalauting trading strategies. I only use the Strategy Tester when I want to be frustrated! :)

I have some screenshots of non-redrawing indicators that are 80% and above - all facilitated by your code!

Thanks again,

mighty6469 2012.02.20 16:07  

Thank you for this tool. It is very useful and is helping me to test ideas very rapidly,

like in a New York minute compared to the Strategy Tester which takes ages!

I recommend it.

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