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Examples: Technical Analysis: Make the Impossible Possible!

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2007.08.16 12:49 

New article Technical Analysis: Make the Impossible Possible! has been published:

The article answers the question: Why can the impossible become possible where much suggests otherwise? Technical analysis reasoning.

As we all know, technical analysis is based on market laws, on price movements impacted by fundamental factors. As to me, I mean by "fundamental factors" not only economic situation in one country or another, but also mental conditions of market participants, their thoughts, etc. These factors cannot be estimated or predicted by anybody. The only thing that can consider and considers these factors is price. I noticed repeatedly that market ignored positive fundamental data. Simple indexes cannot make any significant impact on the market. Only price shows us the real situation. This is why we should study its regularities and behavior in order to stay up.

Fig. 1. Market behavior at the news time

Author: Victor Chebotariov

Rogerio Figurelli
Rogerio Figurelli 2007.08.18 12:14  

I think different. On my opinion the great advantage of auto trade technology is “think fast” about the market movements on short periods of time and synchronize it very fast with another periods and long past knowledge.

This is typical a machine task.

Like chess game software, as period of time increase, humans become stronger than the software, since one of the strongest factors of the machine is process big data very fast.

So, for me, the profit opportunity of auto trade against manual trading is use short and long periods of time in a way that human can’t do alone.

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