I need help creating simple CROSS EA from custom indicator that have only two lines - NOOB NEEDS HELP!

Living Liev  

I created two simple indicator, they are practically same but with different configuration. I was using online builder as I practically don't know how to code but i have this great idea that i think can be awesome.

Idea is to make EA buy when Indicator 1 goes above Inidcator 2 and sell when Inidcator 2 goes below Indicator 1. Trigger for closing position will be change between this two indicators and it's important that we have only one open trade at the moment.

What I want to include in this EA is :

-Buy or sell only when indicator CROSS

- Take profit from previous trade only when CROSS happen

- One trade at the time

- Possibility of time frame change = if we can make EA to work on current time frame that would be awesome

- Possibility of change pip size - so that we can edit in window and not in editor

- Sign alert when buy or sell

- it would be awesome to have indicators inside EA but we can use iCustom if its easier

Let me know if you can help me so that i upload my two indicator. Thank you in advance 

Fernando Carreiro  

You can use the the Freelance section of this site to place a job request for your requirements. I doubt anyone is going to code it for you for free.

The forum is for helping out those that wish some guidance in their process of learning to code in MQL themselves, not for coding jobs requests.

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