Coding help!

Mr. opal  

Errors are. im not sure . thanks

'NormalizeComponentValue' - unexpected token, probably type is missing? Strategy.mq5 1335 13

'NormalizeComponentValue' - function already defined and has different type Strategy.mq5 1335 13

in code says

Indicator:: NormalizeComponentValue(const double &componentValue[],const datetime &strategyTime[],double &output[],int ltfShift)

Mr. opal  

here you go mate , ill give $10 to you or the peeps if you can compile this , thanks . paypal for sure.

Strategy_mt4.mq4  261 kb
Strategy.mq5  254 kb
Mr. opal  
All good it was a software issue not code. 

Glad you fixed it - from a compilation point of view, it looks like you missed out the 'void'

void Indicator::NormalizeComponentValue(const double &componentValue[],const datetime &strategyTime[],double &output[],int ltfShift)