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zifu wang
zifu wang 2011.05.22 05:47 

Hi Guys,

How to code a news filter based on "Economic Calendar" object, include Event Time, Name, Currency, Importance,Actual,Forecast,Previous? 

Alexander Piechotta
Alexander Piechotta 2011.05.22 17:58  
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  • 2010.10.19
  • Alexander P. (FinGeR) | English Russian Spanish Portuguese
Since Terminal build 344 added display of economic calendar news using special graphical objects (OBJ_EVENT). A script that outputs as a demonstration of the Economic Calendar with current economic data, the date of the last major (Pink) event.
zifu wang
zifu wang 2011.05.23 03:51  

Is there specific pbject properties for the "Economic Calendar", regarding Name, Currency, Importance,Actual,Forecast,Previous? How to get these values from the objects? easily?

Pawel Wojnarowski
Pawel Wojnarowski 2011.05.23 14:47  

I have already asked MetaQuotes if they are planning to implement in MQL5 functions to handle economic calendar news. Such functions should be able to deal with parameters of a particular event (date/time, currency, priority etc.), check x events nearest to certain date/time etc. The last response I got was that they "haven't planned such functions yet". 


Hopefully if more of us keeps asking for such funtionality, it might get implemented in MQL5. 

q_import 2011.06.03 14:10  

Functionality is already there you just have to code it. Read the Articles.... then create a mqh file or library with chart functions and filter them by color and time priority ...

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