Signal Question on percent of deposit


I am going to try out a signal on a live account on a "relatively" small amount ($1,000 usd)before I start getting larger.  I want to make sure I understand the concept of  percent of deposit before i proceed. Best practices for trading might say trade no more than 5%.  It would take a lot of losing traded to blow up an account.   The fact that it can go as high as 95% makes me wonder if I am interpreting it right.  That might also explain the high returns I am seeing on Signals. I just want to get an idea of the ramifications of this setting.  I am leery of 95% if I am understanding it correctly. 

Any guidance or suggestion would be appreciated.




The 95 % max participation percentage in Signals settings, means that the 95% of your account balance will take part in signal copying.

You will have almost the same risk as the signal provider, as long as you have the same or larger leverage.