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IP Address? (Or something else)

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SteelAce 2014.12.09 11:22 
I want to work my Trading Robot on another computer(s) also, but also be sure that this Robot will be not distributed forward to other computers without my permission. My plan was to ask IP address of my friends computer and write that IP address directly in my Trading Robot code. Now every time when it runs it checks if IP address is my friends IP address or something else. If it is something else it simply stops running. If there is not possible to get IP address with mql5 then other way is to use another (maybe Visual Basic) program for such checking. In this case I need to execute another program with mql5. But how to run external (*.exe) files from mql5? Usually other languages are using commands like Execute , Shell or something like that but how is it in mql5? Or do you have some other ideas about protecting my (or someone else's) Trading Robot?
Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2014.12.10 00:39  
Another way to do it would be to get your friend to give you his broker account number(s). Hard code them in the EA so it will only trade if connected to that account.
Sergey Dzyublik
Sergey Dzyublik 2014.12.10 04:37  
GetVolumeInformation - API function for getting ID of hard drive.
GetVolumeInformation function (Windows)
Retrieves information about the file system and volume associated with the specified root directory. Syntax Parameters lpRootPathName [in, optional] A pointer to a string that contains the root directory of the volume to be described. If this parameter is NULL, the root of the current directory is used. A trailing backslash is required...
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