Trading by symbol disabled by trading server.

I purchased an the trade assistant ea but when I go to place an order through the app, it says ' trading by symbol disabled by trading server'. What does this mean and how do I change it's setting?

It may be relatred to the following:

  • you login to trading account with investor password instead of master password;
  • there are some bug in the product you bought (ask the author/seller to fix it);
  • your broker disabled the trading for some symbol or for some time in this symbol (or for some lot size or any) - ask your broker to allow or or/and change the broker; how to know about it? you can see the specification of the symbol - look at post for details
Can't place new order MT 5
Can't place new order MT 5
  • 2017.07.09
need help, MT 5 can't execute new order trade thx...