Max deposit load are not the same on diffrent brokers


Hi all!

We run one EA on MT4 for two brokers Exness and LiteForex, same leverage, only maximum 1 order opening in the time

When trading, the history are same again for two brokers.

And we sure about of the maximal deposit load for two accounts are always less than 10%.

On live signal on MQL5 we see the LiteForex is 7.8% (less than 10%), but Exness is 46.4% (very large)

LiteForex, max deposit load 7.8%

(LiteForex, max deposit load is 7.8%)

Exness, max deposit load 46.4%

(Exness, max deposit load 46.4%)

What is the problem in this case? And how we can fix this? Thanks!


this may be helpful. according to the info in this post, margin over equity determines that value of Maximum deposit load, so i am thinking that margin value is different at both brokers?

defn: maximum deposit load - Take Profit - General - MQL5 programming forum

defn: maximum deposit load
defn: maximum deposit load
  • 2018.11.17
hi, can you kindly explain what is "max. deposit load" and how does it effect trades. was are the significance if this load is too high or too low...
Even though the leverage is the same, probably these 2 brokers use different margin requirements for various instruments, as Revo suggested above.
The issue exactly is  different margin for two brokers.
So I need to discuss with Exness for now.
The copier see that is not nice number and him choose Liteforex signal to copy for now.
Thank @Revo Trades, @Eleni Anna Branou for quick support!