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When you can trade by your self?

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Osama Hussein
Osama Hussein 2014.11.11 06:21 

It is not easy to trade by your self , With this market you have to study a lot of thing - first stage - then make practice with demos and try to find your own strategy .

Try it and modify it until you got nice profit with reasonable draw down , after that go to the contest and try it with market likes the real one , but not to win with the contest , only to

know if your strategy can make what do you expect or not .

Keep try this more than ones , I f you succeed in this step you are ready now to start your own project immediately , open the real account with the same conditions you adjust it

with the demos and the contests . Now I expect you will have some experience and you will win ..

Chang Suk Chung
Chang Suk Chung 2014.11.11 15:06  

I agree with you.

At that time I dispressed at self-trading.

But I am now interesting at automated trading.

I feel free in these days.

I pursue emotion-free trading and rational strategy through expert advisor.

karryjakson 2014.11.11 20:43  
Personally I am also agree with you. You are absolutely wright .
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