Strategy Tester - Testing Data Wrong Period


Hi all,

I am new to MQL5 but I aim to create my own trading system. This is also my first language similar to C and I was hoping you could help. When running the strategy tester, I have used the following code to load in any historical pricing data that I do not currently have - i.e 2013 in this case. 

//|                                                         hBar.mq5 |
//|                                                      Conor Boyle |
//|                                    |
#property version   "1.02"
#property script_show_inputs
//--- input parameters
input string          InpLoadedSymbol="EURUSD";   // Symbol to be load
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES InpLoadedPeriod=PERIOD_H1;  // Period to be loaded
input datetime        InpStartDate=D'2013.01.01'; // Start date
//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
   Print("Start load",InpLoadedSymbol+","+GetPeriodName(InpLoadedPeriod),"from",InpStartDate);
   int res=CheckLoadHistory(InpLoadedSymbol,InpLoadedPeriod,InpStartDate);
      case -1 : Print("Unknown symbol ",InpLoadedSymbol);             break;
      case -2 : Print("Requested bars more than max bars in chart"); break;
      case -3 : Print("Program was stopped");                        break;
      case -4 : Print("Indicator shouldn't load its own data");      break;
      case -5 : Print("Load failed");                                break;
      case  0 : Print("Loaded OK");                                  break;
      case  1 : Print("Loaded previously");                          break;
      case  2 : Print("Loaded previously and built");                break;
      default : Print("Unknown result");
   datetime first_date;
   int bars=Bars(InpLoadedSymbol,InpLoadedPeriod);
   Print("First date ",first_date," - ",bars," bars");

void OnTick()
   MqlRates rates[]; 
   int start_position = 0; 
   int end_position = 30;    
   //CopyRates copies the data into the rates variable but returns an integer for how many bars it copied into rates  i.e 30 in this case
   int copied = CopyRates(_Symbol,InpLoadedPeriod,start_position,end_position,rates); 
      Print("Bars copied: "+copied);
      string format="open = %G, high = %G, low = %G, close = %G, volume = %d";
      string out;
      int size=fmin(copied,50); // Returns either the length of copied records or returns/prints 50 records - whichever is lower
      for(int i=0;i<size;i++)
         out="Row #: "+i+" "+TimeToString(rates[i].time,TIME_MINUTES);
         out=out+" "+StringFormat(format,                                
   else Print("Failed to get history data for the symbol ",_Symbol);
// Functions to be called as part of main onTick function 

int CheckLoadHistory(string symbol,ENUM_TIMEFRAMES period,datetime start_date)
   datetime first_date=0;
   datetime times[100];
//--- check symbol & period
   if(symbol==NULL || symbol=="") symbol=Symbol();
   if(period==PERIOD_CURRENT)     period=Period();
//--- check if symbol is selected in the Market Watch
      if(GetLastError()==ERR_MARKET_UNKNOWN_SYMBOL) return(-1);
//--- check if data is present
   if(first_date>0 && first_date<=start_date) return(1);
//--- don't ask for load of its own data if it is an indicator
   if(MQL5InfoInteger(MQL5_PROGRAM_TYPE)==PROGRAM_INDICATOR && Period()==period && Symbol()==symbol)
//--- second attempt
      //--- there is loaded data to build timeseries
         //--- force timeseries build
         //--- check date
            if(first_date>0 && first_date<=start_date) return(2);
//--- max bars in chart from terminal options
   int max_bars=TerminalInfoInteger(TERMINAL_MAXBARS);
//--- load symbol history info
   datetime first_server_date=0;
   while(!SeriesInfoInteger(symbol,PERIOD_M1,SERIES_SERVER_FIRSTDATE,first_server_date) && !IsStopped())
//--- fix start date for loading
   if(first_server_date>start_date) start_date=first_server_date;
   if(first_date>0 && first_date<first_server_date)
      Print("Warning: first server date ",first_server_date," for ",symbol,
            " does not match to first series date ",first_date);
//--- load data step by step
   int fail_cnt=0;
      //--- wait for timeseries build
      while(!SeriesInfoInteger(symbol,period,SERIES_SYNCHRONIZED) && !IsStopped())
      //--- ask for built bars
      int bars=Bars(symbol,period);
         if(bars>=max_bars) return(-2);
         //--- ask for first date
            if(first_date>0 && first_date<=start_date) return(0);
      //--- copying of next part forces data loading
      int copied=CopyTime(symbol,period,bars,100,times);
         //--- check for data
         if(times[0]<=start_date)  return(0);
         if(bars+copied>=max_bars) return(-2);
         //--- no more than 100 failed attempts
         if(fail_cnt>=100) return(-5);
//--- stopped
//| Returns string value of the period                               |
string GetPeriodName(ENUM_TIMEFRAMES period)
   if(period==PERIOD_CURRENT) period=Period();
      case PERIOD_M1:  return("M1");
      case PERIOD_M2:  return("M2");
      case PERIOD_M3:  return("M3");
      case PERIOD_M4:  return("M4");
      case PERIOD_M5:  return("M5");
      case PERIOD_M6:  return("M6");
      case PERIOD_M10: return("M10");
      case PERIOD_M12: return("M12");
      case PERIOD_M15: return("M15");
      case PERIOD_M20: return("M20");
      case PERIOD_M30: return("M30");
      case PERIOD_H1:  return("H1");
      case PERIOD_H2:  return("H2");
      case PERIOD_H3:  return("H3");
      case PERIOD_H4:  return("H4");
      case PERIOD_H6:  return("H6");
      case PERIOD_H8:  return("H8");
      case PERIOD_H12: return("H12");
      case PERIOD_D1:  return("Daily");
      case PERIOD_W1:  return("Weekly");
      case PERIOD_MN1: return("Monthly");
   return("unknown period");

The journal prints that the data has already been previously loaded, shown below:

The issue I am having here is that the data is DAILY rather than HOURLY  - however I had thought that my code should download the stated data. I have checked this via Journal output above and via Chart 'visualize' - each candle is daily candle rather than hourly.

Can you comment as to whether this is a code-issue or server-issue? I am using a Demo account and I belive the only data available to me is that which is available on my broker server - is this correct? 

Any documenation you could link or guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 


In order to fix this I changed my broker server to MetaQuotes-Demo. 

Initially I had been using USGUK -Demo and I believe the data may not have been available on this server. Use MetaQuotes!!